With a section as crazy and stupid as the Longhorn Band Trombones, its no surprise that we have MANY (stupid) traditions.
Expect to be involved in this kind of stuff should you join our section. You've been warned.

Pre-set Party
Hours before LHB posts the audition results/rosters for the upcoming year, all fellow trombones auditionees (including newman) are invited to hang out at an old man's place to chill, watch a movie, and to just relax after the long stressful audition process.

Trombone March Around
LHB holds a "march around" on the friday before an away game which not the entire band attends. During the "march around", LHB members go around to appropriate places on and around campus to play many traditional tunes for die-hard longhorn fans.
In true Texas Trombones fashion, we hold our own march around once each year playing Bone Tell at inappropriate places on and around campus to unsuspecting people.... right outside someone's dorm room, the library, on the Littlefield Fountain, classrooms, computer labs, on busses ect.

Trombone Fantasy Weekend
A couple of weeks into the football season, the section holds a "formal right of initiation" for new members (and any other un-initiated people) into the Texas Trombones organization. Don't worry fellow prospectives and new men, we won't humiliate you..... that much.....

Bone Tell
Out of all the sections excluding drumline, we are the only ones lucky enough to have our very own defining peice of music that only we get to play during football games. It's a short arrangement of "William Tell" which is conducted by the oldest old guy who is not a section leader. You can view many performances of it in our movies section.

Can Riding
If you've ever been in the music building, you'll find many of these recycle trash cans laying around. For some reason, we must have gotten really bored one day laying on the famous green couches and saw these recycle trash cans and just had the urge to ride these cans. And with our creative stupid minds, we thought holding a trombone and trying to play Bone Tell while riding the can was very amusing.... and guess what... IT IS! You can view MANY clips of this stupid act in our movies section It's actully harder than it looks. Some notable can riders include Owen, Marco, and Carolyn.

"Get a bone in there"
Everywhere we go, no matter where we are or what we're doing, if there's someone taking pictures/video not of us, it's Texas Trombone instinct to get our trombone in the shot in some way, shape, or form. This includes everything from parents taking pictures of their little children with Bevo to ABC doing an on-field interview with Mack Brown. Our most famous "Getting a bone in there" act was during the ESPN pre-game show during the 2006 Rose Bowl. You can find that footage in our movies section.

OU game "seats"
One of the privileges of being in Longhorn Band is that we all get very good free seats to Longhorn football games that would normally cost a lot of money. One of the privileges of being a Texas Trombone is that we get FRONT ROW ON-FIELD SEATS in the north side of the Cotton Bowl during the Red River Shootout. Only section leaders and really old bones get front row access though. New guys have to wait their turn a couple more years.

Another name you might here us refering to ourselves as is "GDT" or Gamma Delta Tau since we think its cool to be our very own greek organization. It's actully an acronym that originated by a phrase spoken by one of our very own directors on our stupidity. The whole story and it's meaning is left to be told to other members of Gamma Delta Tau.

Fwee whistles
These annoying little whistles are handed out to all members before the first home football game of the season. What particually makes them annoying is that they make a "fwee" noise whenever you blow into them, and they can also be strategically placed inside a trombone to add an extra annoying factor to our trombone sound. A couple of members have come up with a way to rap out with this little things. All in the name of creative stupidity.
But the actual word "fwee" does come from somewhere, and that story is left to be told during the handing out of the fwee whistles.

Before the first football game, every member is also given needles. The purpose of these needles is not what you expect... or maybe it is...

"Give me the $@*%#&! money!"
We are very good friends with the Michigan Trombone section espcially after the 2005 Rose Bowl trip. During that trip, we met up and hung out with the Michigan bones at an In-N-Out Burger where we exchanged our traditions and stupidity to each other. One of them was this phrase "Give me the $@*#&! money!" along with an over the head hand signal. Details and origins of this is left to be told only to fellow Texas Trombones.

Life Savers
We like candy.... especially "Life Savers" particularly after a fellow bone member saved the life of cameraman during a game. The entire story is left to be told to fellow Texas Trombones. From this though, along with being known as crazy stupid people, we are also known as life savers.

"Eliminating the Kibosh on Tomfoolery"
In a recently new "tradition", we as a section agree that we hate pants. Period. So much so that this past year we made shirts declaring our liberation from pants, had a band rehersal with no pants, and held our annual Trombone March Around on National No Pants Day. How all of this came about and where this phrase came from is left to be told to Texas Trombones.

Story Time
On the way home from Dallas after the OU game The Trombone Bus has a story time where we tell stories of past "stupid". Among the favorites are "You Tricked Me", "Prep and Step", and "I Make It Rain".