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And So Here We Are...

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2005 3:14 pm    Post subject: And So Here We Are... Reply with quote

Welcome New Men and Old Men (crap... I mean MEMBERS):

So here we are, one year later, and probably the biggest shake up of the Stupid in a very, very long time. Reforms have been made, and we have made ever increasing progress towards our Stupid goals.

A report of what has occured over the past year:

1) On a sad note, we have lost our loud, enthusiastic, record, xTh year
1.5) Our xTh year married another xTh year, both being former Trombone Section Leaders
2) Half of the section is made up of New Men. (dammit... New MEMBERS)
3) A Special 2005-2006 Edition of section leaders has come to power this year
4) Update on Operation Triangle of Stupid: All of our operatives involved in OTS have begun the take over of the LHB leadership. We are now in control of 6 Section Leader positions spanning 2 sections and 3 members of the Tuba section. These figures do not include the many that are sympathetic to the cause. Top officials are now eyeing takeover of the LHBSA council and Director, Associate Director, and Assistant Director positions.

At any rate, we are seeing tons of good spirit. Thanks to everyone for putting out the effort of having a great season so far.

This weekend will be great for everyone, we'll be doing Bone Tell with the Alumni Trombones around the stadium, so that will be great (chuck!). We'll even have Vitamin as our Guest Conductor along with Resident Conductor (aka non-section leader fogey, yet wise man) Ross Lucksinger. Enjoy the Rice Game, and the M.O.B. [They are not... your traditional band, but I've always thought them to be VERY entertaining]

Oh yes, and before I forget. GO TO TROMBONE FANTASY WEEKEND. You're expected to be there, otherwise you are (or will) NOT (be) a true Trombone/Tubone/Tromblag. You've been advised on why you should come and how you should be prepared to spend a great Fantasy Weekend at the luxurious Vitamin Cookie Ranch.

Hook 'em, and beat the hell out of Rice.
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